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Can You Really Make Money Writing Online?

Can you really make money writing online?

Is it realistic career for you or will it quickly turn into a nightmare?

Maybe you are currently looking off into the distance and soul searching about what you want to do in life?

I came across an interesting thread on Reddit the other day.

I probably (definitely do) spend way longer on that site that I should but you often come across thought provoking content between the pictures of cats, celebrity AMA’s and whatever topic is causing outrage that day.

What Reddit Says

The thread in question asked fellow Redditors who have ‘failed’ at their dream occupation and instead settled on a more stable job.

It gathered responses from a lot of photographers, artists, actors etc… who had given up on pursing this avenue as a way of life. It got me thinking about freelance writing.

A common theme in many of the responses was that they are still taking photographs, acting, recording music – just not with the intent of making a full time living from it. Some couldn’t find that breakthrough they were after but many simply started to hate what was supposed to be their passion in life.

Writing online for a living is eerily similar.

Don’t Fall Into The Trap!

Most of us who want to make money writing online see ourselves quickly rising the never ending SEO content ladder. Sure, we’ll write a few blog posts about how biro pens will radically change your life for an affiliate marketer but in a few months and with a few ghost written pieces under our belts we’ll get onto the good stuff, right?

Well, not exactly.

The problem with many freelancer writers is that they think because of the demand for website content that they can simply give up their office job, sign up to a freelancing site and start making a full time income.

They dream of following their passion for writing and earning money. That’s all well and good but there is only so much about biro pens you can write until you want to stab yourself in the eye with one just so you don’t have to conjure up another 500 words about them.

Make Money Writing Online

Personally I’ve found that striking a balance between a day job that you don’t mind and writing about things you are interested in on the side works amazingly well will keep you motivated, making money and generally avoiding the whole “I literally hate my passion and my life right now.”

I’m not saying you SHOULDN’T try and make a living writing freelance just that you should think long and hard if following your passion for writing is something that you want to do every day, every week and every month.

Sometimes a hobby can turn into a nightmare if you are doing it ALL THE TIME.

My best advice is to go out an explore different areas of digital marketing and really think about if you can churn out words day after day. Explore affiliate marketing, PPC or social media marketing to name but 3 other areas.

If you are currently at the cross roads and wondering if you should try and turn your passion for writing into a lucrative business then take some small freelance writing jobs on and work in your spare time.

Don’t Quit Your Day Job: Balancing Freelance Writing with a Second, Full-Time Career offers some good advice for this.

You might get a lot of enjoyment out of blogging and trying to make money writing online but don’t put yourself in a position where you come to hate it.

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